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The VisuConceptual Identity

Your special mark

My work evolved to be a big mosaic, built with the pieces that fascinated me throughout my life. My carreer in the movies industry as scenery and art producer, later on as set designer and then art director, besides some  passages through theater, decoration, and my experience in creating and producing art have designed a trail of multiple colors, forms and textures. In the literature, I find inspiration and, from music, I collect references that create the ambiance for many of my creations.That's the reason why my work shows an intense variety of expressions. Also for this reason, I decided to assemble my own career puzzle, so I could find this one image to outline it and define it: the chameleon.My mission is to create from the clients needs, requests and wishes and to transform art in images, so they can recognize themselves in the resulting creation. My goal is to make from my art a vehicle through which an idea, a desire, an emotion - a concept - can be transmited. When I'm on a job like that I put all my skills and sensitiveness at the clients service. I believe in the power of a good concept spreading away and that's why I name this kind of work I do as VisuConceptual Identity.


Independently of being an illustration, a portrait, a walpaper, a textile print, a cartoon character, among other creations, the process of building the VisuConceptual Identity must go through the understanding of the needs of the ones who come to me, because they're in the search of personalizing and translating into images, colors and "sensations" what they consider to be their most singular characteristics, no matter if they're a person or a corporation. They all carry their own unique identity, with its own personality, desires and needs.

Whichever the client's wish is, a path will be created to show that product - or fantasy... or dream - to the world.

In order to acomplish it I developed some concepts, leading to two different fields – personal and corporate.

Personal Scenery
Personal Art Direction
Personal Events, Parties
Films and Videos
Albums and Photos
Personal Branding (visual identity)

Here I present suggestions based on the preferences, history, dreams of the clients. They bring the theme and from there we define the concept. From this point on, I create the arts that will make the project happen. It could be for the clients themselves or to someone they wish to surprise with a very special gift, in their personal or professional environment.
The same process apply to parties, space decoration, presents, memoty registers, among many other ideas, including the creation of exclusive  textile print for apparel, linen, ot exclusively decorated objects/gifts which have a unique identity.
Corporate Art Direction
Events of many kinds, celebrations, fairs, etc.

Shows and presentations

Alike the personal identity, here our proposition is to produce the conceptual art,  developed from the clients expactations and to create an atmosphere to involve their guests - their customers, suppliers, associates, colaborators - in a particular theme, or in a wave of sensations.
That can be achieved using the decoration / ambiance of the  available spaces - temporary or permanent -, through the interaction between images and music/sounds (which may involve the creating of personalized images, for and inspired in the music), following the thematical concept. It's also part of that concept, the creation of gifts/sets/kits in an interaction with the whole idea.

There's a vast field to be undiscovered, based in the understanding of the clients desires and it is a great honor and pleasure to put the chameleonic side of me at the service of your colors'

Andrea Mendes Ribeiro
Belo Horizonte -  Brasil

What is the image and the color of your desire?

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