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Events & Media

Hand and Digital Drawings
Digital Painting
Portraits - Manual, Digital - Mixed Media

Artistic Portraits and Illustration, Personalized Art and Photo Manipulation.

See here the events (either presencial, or not) in which I participated, interviews and other stuff.

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Show at Museum Casa dos Contos - Ouro Preto - MG - Brazil
TV Show "Encontro com Fátima Bernardes"


Comissioned portrait for Fatima Bernardes' backstage room in her daily show  "Encontro...".

 It was a paired work of photographic pannels and portrait.

Fatima posted the portrait in her Instagram pages , first as a detail of the room in her new hairstyle's picture (1) and afterwords, due to her followers requests, she posted only the portrait itself (2).

Sai do Chão Show - Globo TV
360° Backstage Room Tour:
Singer Maria Rita


Clicking on the portrait (image in the right) you will be taken to a 360 degrees tour through the Brazilian singer Maria Rita's backstage room during the show "Sai do Chão" and you will find on its wall this same portrait, which  I made per request of Globo TV.

The idea of a 360° backstage room with the singer's voice comments on the decoration is very cool!

Once in the 360° backstage room page, you can click on the oramge speaker icons to listen to her comments.

Interview for the journalist Monica Eastin's blog (USA)
Women in Art 278 Magazine (April 2016) Issue III, Volume III
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